What Is Your Soul’s Purpose?

What is your soul’s purpose? What did you come here to experience and do? What misty rememberings stir when you fall into the depths of truth? What glimpses do you catch of the time before this life? Do you know who you are? Do you remember your divinity? Do you feel at one with life? Can you sense God within? Do you seek to transcend illusions of self? Do you continue to wake up to something greater? Do you access universal consciousness when you sleep, when you dream? Do you see the signs you ask for? Are you open to their messages? Are you using your time wisely? Are you guided by your light? Do you see through the ego? Can you make room for insight? Do you trust in your power? Have you experienced the magnitude of your will? Are you participating fully? Can you remember a time when you weren’t frightened? Do you sense the peace within? Do you know that joy is manifest? Are you looking for magic? Do you answer the call to faith? Do you trust in something beyond your senses? Are you allowing the whispers of wisdom to be heard? Can you rest in forgiveness for yourself and others? Will you choose over and again to return home to love? Do you remember what come here for? Can you let there be meaning after all?