What Might We See?

How many times have we known something to be absolutely true, only to change our mind about it some time later? How many times has science declared something to be fact only to announce afterward that new research says otherwise?

How much of what we ‘know’ is actually true? And how much of this ‘knowledge’ is preventing us from seeing the wonder and beauty of life, the peace and freedom available to us and the opportunities that exist?

Holding hard and fast to the illusions of our beliefs and opinions as if they are facts that define us and set our place in the world is often limiting. We invest a lot of time in defending and acting on what we have decided we know and in trying to get other people to acknowledge who we think we are and who we think they are and who we think we all are in relation to the world we think is around us.

The question is, what might we see if we close our eyes to what we ‘know’? What might we uncover about ourselves, other people and the world we live in if we are curious enough to cast off the identities we have created for ourselves and others along with the ideas we have set in stone about how life works?

Who are we really and what do we know to be absolutely true?

People once knew the world was flat and based on this knowledge were frightened of falling off of the edge. Ancient civilisations believed their fate was in the hands of the Gods and offered up children as sacrifice. What sacrifices are we making every day as we bow down to the beliefs and opinions we call ‘knowledge’? What restrictions do we place upon ourselves that keep us frightened of falling off of the edge?

There is actually very little that we ‘know’ that we can prove to be true and when we focus hard on proving it and adhering to it, we narrow our field of vision by focusing in on it and we miss everything else happening outside of it.

Today, let’s take a moment to wonder what beautiful opportunities might be waiting for us outside of what we know.

What joyful experiences might be waiting to explored in our current relationships? What peace might be available to us outside of the limitations we have innocently placed upon ourselves? What delight awaits our release from the ‘knowledge’ we hold close that is preventing us from seeing more?