What We Once Longed For

How much of what we now have or enjoy or experience was once the one thing we longed for? The thing we pleaded with a deity we don’t believe in to receive? The thing we believed we needed to be well, happy, healthy? The thing we could not live without? The thing we swore if we received we would never overlook, never forget or take for granted? The thing we would be sure to deserve by living, from that moment onward, a life of service and gratitude?

And how much time do we now spend appreciating these things? How much time do we spend honouring our bargaining and promises? We don’t even remember all of what we once so longed for and there is nothing wrong with this it’s just that when we so readily forget that we have so much, we spend our time in a constant state of longing, need and lack.

We are always looking for the next thing, the next object, person, healing, experience and trying to balance the scales in our minds so that we feel worthy of receiving them. What if we knew we were whole without them, innately deserving and blessed whether we received them or not? What if we took pleasure in everything we already possessed, in imagining ourselves enjoying everything we wanted to receive just to have fun with the experience and let go of longing completely?

Of course events occur that we wish were otherwise or not at all but does our longing for that change anything? Does it help us remain composed or does it further our suffering? Turn us away from what we already have and towards thinking and feeling that doesn’t serve us?

It’s natural to want to enjoy the physical world and until we see that we can do so as an expression of our innate happiness, we will default to longing for things we think will give us joy. When we notice that at one point we felt that one thing was the be all and end all only for us to feel this way again, we wake up to the ways in which we are deceiving ourselves by turning away from our creative abilities, our innate happiness and our internal wellbeing and towards ideas about what we need to experience them. When we give up the mentality that we need to need, we become interested in what we can create or bring it into being ourselves and what steps we might take spiritually and physically to get there.

We are all living in realities of our own creating and what we long for we have decided we need to be well. What if we decided to not need? What if we witnessed longing occurring and were able to distance ourselves from it? What if when we did this, we allowed ourselves to just enjoy the physical world our spiritual selves decided to be a part of with nothing on it, with a lightness that allowed us to take pleasure in what occurs, explore our imaginative capacities in dealing with what comes up, have fun with our ability to manifest, play with it all and remain rooted in awareness of our innate happiness and wellbeing at all times?

We wouldn’t take life so seriously. We would improve our mood, our health and our outlook. We would be happy more of the time and begin to understand that we are born worthy and whole. This knowledge would lead us away from longing and towards appreciation, for what we had before, for what we have now and for what is on offer for the future.

We cannot be happy when we are in a state of longing because when we are we make happiness conditional; we say, when I have this all will be well. But then we’ll forget that we felt that way and we’ll need the next thing in order to be satisfied. If we give up longing it is because we know that right here, right now, within all is well exactly as life is and that knowing this is the treasure we are seeking and what will lead us towards creating lives we deserve.

From this space of knowing we are powerful. We give up longing because we are present and connected with all that we already have within. We recognise our wholeness, our ability to bring about what we want by tuning into our creative capacities, raising the frequency of our vibration and we reclaim our attention and focus by diverting them away from longing and towards gratitude, love, connection. We open up to the Divine energy operating within us and we start to resonate with the intelligence and wisdom that created and powers us. We have no time for longing when we are loving and when we are loving, we are creating a reality that matches our intention to enjoy, be well and appreciate.

If we get clear on what it is we would like to bring into our lives, believing we can do it and being grateful for it before it arrives whilst knowing that whether it does or not, we have power, we are whole, we are well within and worthy, we play the game of creation and fill ourselves with good feeling that positively affects us at every level. We just have to give up longing and instead know that we are already everything we could ever wish to be, that good feeling resides within us, that we decide how we feel about life based on our thinking about it and that our experience of it only ever comes from us and can be changed at any time no matter what we have been taught or programmed to believe.

When we see who we really are and what we are really capable of, longing is an experience we overlook for grace and gratitude, we become the source of power in our own lives that can deliver and create alongside the energy we once pleaded with to bring into being what we now easily and lightly desire because we recognise we need nothing to feel good, because we have uncovered our ability to co create with the Divine, because we are more interested in what we do have than what we don’t and because we find the fun in playing with life.

And in this space we consciously spend time vibrating at a frequency of love and gratitude, we keep shedding layers of the conditioned self, we let go of the beliefs that we need to need in order to receive and that what we get is never enough. We discover more of who we truly are, beings of light and love and we understand that ultimately we can manifest anything we wish for. We just have to give up longing and reclaim our truth, our worth and our creative power and invest our time and energy in exploring our limitless potential.