When Habit Obstructs Intuition

The way we choose to live is often via a series of habits that we take part in daily without really being conscious of them. Because they are often tied up with our routines, responsibilities and commitments, often when our intuition tells us there is something else we could be doing that would serve us better, or that we could be doing things in a more beneficial way, we obstruct it by doing the things we have programmed ourselves to do as we have programmed ourselves to do them.

When we live this way, we miss out on cultivating a lifestyle that leads us to engage our purpose, be inspired by wisdom and live from a lighter approach to life that is guided by our innate desires and we continue with our habits even when that might not be leading us to expressing our highest good in the world and enjoying life as we are designed to.

This isn’t to say we stop going to work when we need to give and work out notice or stop showing up to events we’ve said we’ll attend or stop fulfilling our responsibilities, rather that we reconsider what we do, why we do it and the way we do so that we might reflect on the times we feel we are being guided to do things that conflict with our habits and override our impulses because we have come to be set in our ways.

When it becomes our way of life to live by habit rather than intuition not only does it often feel monotonous but we staunch our creative flow, block inspiration, identify more with the ego than the true self and we forget how to trust that deep down we know the best way to live. Even those habits that benefit us such as morning meditations or evening self massages might obstruct our intuition to go for a walk or spend time with a loved one when we allow habit to override our internal wisdom.

When we start to practice tuning into our intuition and following it no matter what habits we have in place, we begin to trust that we know the best way to live in the moment and that our knowledge of how to is always evolving and expanding as we are guided to. When we live this way, life is more meaningful, more blissful and pregnant with possibility.

A simple way to approach this is turning our shoulds into coulds so that we are no longer acting out of a sense of obligation when it comes to our habits and allow ourselves to notice how we feel when we calmly consider what we might do in any moment before we start to generate a lot of thinking about it.

When we do, we become more flexible, more in flow with the ever changing nature of life and we embrace play, fun and spontaneity. We start to be more open to what might happen in our day and although we still make plans, still make commitments to ourselves and others, when we feel guided to deviate from our envisioned course in order to honour our wisdom, we live more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more effective lives.

We can change. We can let go of our habits. We can trust our intuition to guide us away from what is not working and to living more consciously so that even those habits that serve us can be skipped when we are led to do something else that would be better for us in the moment.

When we stop allowing our habits to obstruct our intuition, when we allow ourselves to embrace the unknown over the known, we will find that the signs we are asking for are appearing, that the guidance we seek on living well is available, that the sense of newness we desire in life is possible and that the purpose of our lives is always unfolding before us. We just have to be willing to give up our habits when we are being lead to live in a new way so that we can begin to find out what else might be on offer.