Words to Meditate on

Meditation is a powerful process of moving between brainwave frequencies in order to positively affect our physiology and allow us to connect with and reprogramme the subconscious.

Meditation is a state of deep relaxation; we let ourselves drift out of our thinking mind and into a gentler, slower state. Meditation is like falling asleep without falling asleep and because we are opening up to the truth of who we are, it is actually closer to falling awake.

When we meditate we move away from the analytical mind and into a more calm and creative space. The work we do here has an impact on how we think and feel in our everyday lives and the energy that we cultivate and surrender to during meditation is a result of our focus during it.

Sitting or lying down, in a silent place with our eyes closed, we can choose a powerful word to focus on. For ten minutes, thinking about the word, feeling the energy of the word and the elevated emotions it produces within us is enough to make radical changes in the subconscious, create a sense of inner peace and boost the immune system.

There is power in focusing on elevated emotions. We experience gratitude, spaciousness and an opening up to a greater intelligence when we do and the energy of these experiences can positively impact our state of mind and gene expression for longer than the period of meditation.

Powerful words to focus on during meditation are those that foster a sense of unity, wholeness, wellbeing and a greater energy and intelligence than the individual. Focusing on any of the following, without analysis, memory or ego clouding our perceptions, undoubtedly has a positive impact on our total health and the affect we have on those around us: