You Always Know the Way

Sometimes the shouting of the head does a great job of drowning out the whispers of the heart.

You know what is the right decision for you. You knew it when you made it and your head started to disagree.

You didn’t decide based on anything other than what is right for you in the moment and the options the ego is presenting that are creating confusion had already been considered by wisdom when the choice was made.

That gut wrenching reaction to thoughts of indecision is trying to tell you you’re looking in the wrong direction. It’s trying to remind you you already know what to do.

And yes sometimes you make a choice you wish you hadn’t but maybe that’s also the work of the ego adding more evidence to its claim: I know best, listen to me.

Because when we go with the initial insight, follow the light of wisdom, we are acting in alignment with our highest selves and that self never steers us wrong.

In a world of what ifs, taking the path of inner knowledge and staying on it seems wrong to the ego who is taken in by the shiny sights of alternative options.

But you know. We all do. When you’ve had a moment of clarity that informs you of the best action to take, no matter what the voice in your head says afterwards, take it and rest in the peace of your decision.

You always know the way.