You Must Be Happy

Hello friends, it’s Lucy, creator of The Love Place, here with my fifth personal post. You can find my others here.

Over a decade ago I was seeking advice on whether to take up a career opportunity – I already knew deep down what I wanted to do – and someone told me, “You must be happy.” I was 24 and no one had ever said those words to me before, no one had ever directed me to focus on happiness as a necessity, as a choice, as something I should be aiming to experience via my life choices.

Much has changed since then and we now live in a world where people are actively seeking to express health and happiness in every part of their lives but how many of us actually insist on happiness? How many of us in our day to day lives realise that happiness is a necessity, a right, a directive? And what happens when we allow it to be. When we seize upon happiness and make it a choice, demand it, encourage it and believe in it?

Beauty unfolds. When we truly understand that happiness is something we should be focusing on, allowing, encouraging and fostering, we discover gratitude, we discover our blessings, we expand in delight and faith and benevolence.

Happiness is defined as feeling pleasure, contentment, joy and wellbeing. How many of us allow ourselves to experience those emotions in all of our lives? How many of us cut ourselves off from them because of beliefs and ideas and opinions about who we are and how we should behave and what we are worthy of?

What if we made joy and contentment and wellbeing obligations? What if we made decisions based on how likely something was to spark these innately healthy feelings that exist within us but are often suppressed?

Happiness lives within all of us. It is there anytime we want to tune into it but how many of us remember this? How many of us actively allow ourselves to participate in it?

You must be happy. If ever there was a rule that we could impose to enhance our lives, this could be it. Because the innate joy and wellbeing and contentment that happiness gives rise to affects us in every way and when we feel well, we live well and act well and make better decisions for ourselves and the whole.

So then, “You must be happy” becomes an intelligent consideration for the choices we make in life which then positively impact our other decisions, our attitude and our ambitions, as well as the way we experience and treat the people around us.

You must be happy. What a wonderful way to live.